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Absolute control of the temperature in your vehicle

Discover the D4E Combi Heater CP PLUS, a leader in quality with a 24-month warranty

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Features of the D4E Combi Heater CP PLUS

The remote control is easy to use and allows you to easily configure the modes and temperature

Multiple working modes: fuel, electricity, and hybrid. Flexible switching for energy savings and high efficiency.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. Provide your family with the healthiest and safest protection while enjoying a pleasant temperature.

Effective noise reduction during operation. The lowest level can reach less than 55 decibels.

304 stainless steel internal water tank with a capacity of 10 liters, complying with GB4806.9-2016 standard. Safe water storage.

The brushless motor's lifespan and energy consumption, combined with the patented dual-layer combustion technology, achieve the best balance.

Free shippings in Spain

48h shipping FREE

Free returns

Within 30 days

2 years warranty*

Manufacturer's warranty

European Certifications

CE Marking, and complies with R10 and R122 standards

*The warranty covers manufacturing defects of the equipment; it does not cover failures arising from improper installation, and it is only valid if the equipment is installed by an authorized professional in heating equipment installation. For more details, please refer to the Conditions for returns and warranty.

One heater, two functions

Double the warmth and enjoy the benefits! Our innovative product not only heats your vehicle to provide a cozy and comfortable environment on those cold days but also has the capability to heat water in its integrated stainless steel container, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and comforting shower anytime, anywhere.

Simple and effective

Discover simplicity at its finest. With our product, comfort is at your fingertips. Thanks to the Cillight CP plus digital LCD control panel, you can enjoy quick heating or adjust the temperature continuously according to your preferences. No more dealing with complicated settings or guessing the right temperature. Everything is within your reach.

Two heat sources

Imagine having the ability to adapt the heat source according to your needs. With our E models, you can choose between using electricity, fuel, or both options simultaneously. If you're looking for quick and efficient heating, you can opt to use both electricity and fuel simultaneously, which will accelerate the heating process and provide you with immediate comfort.

1.599,00  (IVA incluído)

D4E Combi Heater CP PLUS uses

The 4 kW air and water parking heater runs on diesel and can be installed in different types of vehicles and yachts, offering a wide range of solutions.

Water and heating supply for vans, trucks, yachts and motorhomes

Heating for medium and large bus cabins, as well as automobiles

Provides hot water for vans and motorhomes with a 10 liter water tank

Bathrooms or other applications in vans and motorhomes

Suitable for heating and water supply in all types of vans, motorhomes or yachts

1.599,00  (IVA incluído)

Advantages of the D4E Combi Heater CP PLUS

1.599,00  (IVA incluído)

Frequently Asked Questions about the Heater CP PLUS heating system

D4E combi heater CP PLUS es un sistema de calefacción y climatización para autocaravanas, furgos, botes, yates, camiones y otros vehículos diésel .
The heater has the ability to utilize the heat it generates while heating the water to also provide climate control for the interior of your caravan, car, or boat.

The D4E CP PLUS heater is created to be able to use electrical energy and fuel independently, or simultaneously.

The D4E CP PLUS heater has a total cost of 1.599,00 .
VAT is included in this price.
If you are in Spain, we take care of covering the shipping costs so that the package reaches your location within 48 hours.

That's right, the D4E CP PLUS heater has the necessary certifications to be used in Europe, which is why it has the CE mark.

In addition, the D4E CP PLUS has the following certifications:
R10. It covers the uniform provisions regarding the approval of vehicles in terms of electromagnetic compatibility and the tests applied accordingly.
R122. It covers the uniform technical guidelines for the approval of M, N and O category vehicles in relation to heating systems and the tests applied accordingly.

At TechnicVan we are proud to be able to offer an extended manufacturer's warranty of 24 months. Consult our return and guarantee conditions for more details.

At TechnicVan we have extensive experience working with caravans, vans and campers, and we know how important it is to have a humane and close relationship with our customers. For this reason, during business hours there will always be an advisor with whom you can talk, answer technical and logistical questions, or learn more about our products and services.

To contact, use any of our available channels that you will find by clicking here.

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